Friends International English Conversation Group

Friends International Conversation Group is a place to meet and make friends internationally in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We meet every Tuesday without fail at 19:30 at Tajsu Restaurant, 28, Rudi-Dutschke-Str. just across U-Bahn station and side-to-side of Checkpoint Charlie Museum. Max, Ralph and the others will give you a cordial welcome.

Our club is non-commercial and non-partisan. There is no entrance or membership fee and no membership application. You just drop in and have a good time. No programme schedule, no chairman. There is only one objective: People making contacts, talking, exchanging information, helping each other out and accepting each other.

For more information, contact Max at or Ralph at

For the second time this year, restaurants and hotels are closed, and Friends Club meetings will be suspended until further notice.

We are  happy to announce the resumption of our meetings from Tuesday, 21 onwards. We will meet again, but the location has changed. The meetings now will take place at COFFEE POINT in 224, Friedrichstr., Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Looking forward to see you.

Dear Friends,

as you might know by now, the Berlin local government has imposed rules of movement in public, as well as prohibitions. Until April 19, all restaurants, bars and non-essential Shops have to stay closed. This affects our Meeting place at Kori&Fay, too. There is no chance of meeting anywhere, as well, apart from the fact that we won´t take the risk of anybody getting infected at one of our meetings.

Consequently, there won´t be any meetings of Friends International Conversation Group until further notice.


We are looking for native English speakers to join our meetings every Tuesday evening at 19:30 in Berlin who would like to make friends in an international atmosphere. There is no agenda and no admission fee. The only objective is to meet and have a good time. German members can give information about Berlin, the past and present and every day life.

So why don´t you drop in next Tuesday at Kori&Fay, 28, Rudi-Dutschke-Str. just across U-Bahn station Kochstr. and side-to-side of Checkpoint Charlie Museum. We will give you a warm welcome.

Äskulap Orchestra Berlin will play  two Christmas concerts in Berlin on December 10th and 11th at two different locations. Our friend Michael will take part and has provided us with the information. More information here.

So get into the mood and join!

Berlin Friends Club will be present again for the second time at ExpoLingua in Berlin on 18/19 November this year. A good chance to meet members and have a conversation as we do at our meetings on Tuesdays in  Kori&Fay restaurant. Have an impression by visiting the official website where you can order free tickets.

On 16 April, there will be a beneficiary concert of the Berlin Ladies Ensemble, of which one of our club members is a part. The place will be the church “Zum Guten Hirten” at Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz in Berlin. Entrance is free, but donations will be accepted. The incoming money will support refugee families.

Please come and support the good cause while having a good time out with classical and modern music.

Our Club will be at the ExpoLingua exposition in Berlin. Come and see us and have an impression of what we do!

ExpoLingua in Berlin is THE place to learn everything about language learning for expats in Berlin. Meet representatives of private language learning schools and the Berlin evening class organisation “Berliner Volkshochschulen”. Find out about learning German as a foreign language.

EXPOLINGUA takes place on November 21st and 22nd 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. in Berin-Mitte, Friedrichstr. 176-179.

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