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Ulla has just returned from a trip to the Baltic states. We are excited about what she has to tell us! Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

It is always a highlight for me to get on my scooter on Tuesday evenings to travel 25 km to Kreuzberg, especially when the weather is fine to join Friends Club members (bad weather: take the car!). It gives me the thrill to talk to native speakers and my German friends and practise my English. You can only learn a language by speaking it. there is always something to talk about. So make it a point to join Friends on Tuesday evenings, even if you have to travel a bit!

Paul Rees from Melbourne, Australia has joined us yesterday and taken some photos of us. You´ll find the link in the sidebar. Thank you, Paul and all those who have posed.

Friends International Conversation Group is a place to meet and make friends internationally in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We meet every Tuesday without fail at 19:30 at Tajsu Restaurant, 28, Rudi-Dutschke-Str. just across U-Bahn station and side-to-side of Checkpoint Charlie Museum. Max, Ralph and the others will give you a cordial welcome.

Our club is non-commercial and non-partisan. There is no entrance or membership fee and no membership application. You just drop in and have a good time. No programme schedule, no chairman. There is only one objective: People making contacts, talking, exchanging information, helping each other out and accepting each other.

For more information, contact Max at or Ralph at


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