Friends International English Conversation Group

Welcome to Friends International English Conversation Group!

Posted on: 10. June 2009

Friends International Conversation Group is a place to meet and make friends internationally in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We meet every Tuesday without fail at 19:30 at Tajsu Restaurant, 28, Rudi-Dutschke-Str. just across U-Bahn station and side-to-side of Checkpoint Charlie Museum. Max, Ralph and the others will give you a cordial welcome.

Our club is non-commercial and non-partisan. There is no entrance or membership fee and no membership application. You just drop in and have a good time. No programme schedule, no chairman. There is only one objective: People making contacts, talking, exchanging information, helping each other out and accepting each other.

For more information, contact Max at or Ralph at

24 Responses to "Welcome to Friends International English Conversation Group!"

Hello Friends,
I love the world and the people but I also like to improve my English skills. Would be glad to meet new people and making
friends – you know.Learning the language at online school sounds good on the first look. The vocabulary, the funny stories with a lot of phrases, the lonely heart click community which is able to make big `Hellos´and sending smileys. But in the virtual classroom you can introduce yourself and talk two more sentences – and then: Next unit. After a while you will forget the most of what you’ve learnt. But why? We don’t talk enough – maybe there’s a chance at the Berlin Friends Club?

Hello, jubelix, certainly there are lots of chances to talk and make and meet friends at Berlin Friends club. Why don´t you join us on Tuesdays, if you are in or near Berlin? Hope to see you there.

hello jubelix i am by name patrick i would like to learn germany too and i wish we can teach each other

Hello every one! from rwanda am patrick i am looking for somebody who can want to visit in rwanda that i want to learn german and also i will accomodate him without pay this is my cell number +250722512261

Are the meetings still on ?
I’m really new here in Berlin and I’m finding it hard to make friends
So keep me updated if possible
I’ll be glad if I get a soon reply

Hi Nader,

I have also asked the same. Hopefully we will hear back shortly! 🙂

Meetings are still on, every Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. t TaiSu restaurant. See you, Ralph

Hello, i just discovered your website. After many years overseas, mostly in developing countries, I have settled in Berlin recently and would like to meet other ‘aliens’. Can I join you this evening in the TaiSu restaurant ?
Best regards,

Yes, please, do. All of us will give you a warm welcome.

Thank you, I look forward to meeting you all tomorrow.
Angelika Becker

Hey there,
have recently moved back to Berlin for awhile after living in the United states for the past 16 years! Would love to be able to interact and meet some friends here (:
Do I need to do anything to join in on the club meetings?
Thanks, cant wait!

Hello, Bonny,
you don´t have to do anything besides just turn up on Tuesday at ThaiSu Restaurant at 7:30 p.m. next to the Wall-Museum at Checkpoint Charlie. Everybody will give you a warm welcome.

See you then, Ralph

Am new in Berlin can I join the meet tomorrow but I Dont know how to get there from neukölln cos that is where my school is am Nigeria and I will like to learn German too

Hello, Nina, come any time on Tuesdays after 19:30. From Neukölln, take the U-Bahn to Spandau to Mehringdamm and then change to Tegel. Get off at Kochstraße. You can see the restaurant from the U-Bahn station.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Hello! Is this meet still happening every Tuesday?

Yes, we meet every Tuesday without fail at 19:30 at ThaiSu Restaurant next to the Wall Museum in Rudi-Dutschke-Str. Just drop in, everybody will give you a warm welcome.

Hi, are you meeting tomorrow night? Still at tansu restaurant? My husband and I are new in berlin and would love to meet other English speakers.

Yes, we meet every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. without fail. See you then! Ralph


I will be studying abroad in Berlin in about a week and will be conveniently 1.6 miles from the restaurant. I just wanted to make sure these meetings will still be a thing in this coming new year. It would be awesome to meet other people in area and make this experience a little less nerve wracking.

Hello, Lianna,
yes, we are going to meet at the same place at the same time from Jan 6 on, every tuesday. Why don´t you just stop by, Max, I and the others will give you a warm welcome. Ralph

Hi are the meetings still takin place ?wud really like to meet sm new people, am new in berlin.

i will be in Berlin from 14th – 23rd August with my partner we would like to meet people for a chat while we are there is this invitation still open ?

Hello friends
I’m new in Berlin and I love to have new friends to enable me to learn Dutch language. Are the meetings on-going? I’ll love to be there. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Are the meetings still on,I have just arrived in Berlin,need an English speaking friend…I can also teach English…

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