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Schadenfreude, Geisterfahrer and other curious words

Posted on: 8. November 2009

Berlin Friends Club is a place where you can get information about foreign languages and improve your command of English!

So we came across some words which we would like to get straight in both languages:

  1. Schadenfreude: This is a word which exists the same in both languages. Yes, it is schadenfreude in English, too! Does this mean, that malicious joy is something typically German???? ­čśë Well, I don┬┤t know!!!
  2. Geisterfahrer: This is rather tricky. LEO dictionary gives the phrase motorist driving against the traffic on motorways, a rather complicated way to express a single word. So does this mean that a single word does not exist in English? Not by all means: A LEO forum tells us that the Daily Mail uses the word wrong-way driver.
  3. Kinky is an English word, and it denominates that something is abnormal, pervert or the like. It may mean curly, as well. In German, it would mean abnorm, pervers, schrullig, abartig, verdreht, verkorkst. So it has a lot of different meanings, and it can be used in many different contexts.
  4. For the German word Esskastanie, LEO gives the word chestnut, as well as the word edible chestnut, but in our Friends meeting we also found the word sweet chestnut.

So you can see that at Berlin Friends Club, you can really learn how to express yourself. Hope to be able to welcome you at one of our meetings.

See you then!

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