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What a beautiful winter this is in Berlin and Brandenburg! Snow everywhere, cold temperatures, hot Glühwein (hot red wine with spices), children playing in the snow…

Just the right time to ask what you use to go down a snowy hill. In German, you use a Schlitten. In some parts of Germany, this is called Rodel or Rodelschlitten. In English, there are two words with a different meaning. The correct word for Rodelschlitten would be sledge. A sleigh is bigger and drawn by raindeer, dogs or horses. This in German is called Schlitten as well. So don´t get hurt while dashing down a hill by sledge, end enjoy winter time!

We are proud to welcome a member of the Cuarteto Apasionado at our meetings. Gabriele Hoehnel told us about her passion for guitar music, and if you visit their web site (in German), you will be thrilled about their photos an musical samples.

Their next concert will take place on 16 January at Kulturhaus Mitte, Auguststr. 21. Admission is € 10.

Hope to see you all there!

Abbreviations in English are quite common. The most well-known is probably ASAP, which means “as soon as possible”, and is used in commercial English as well as in the colloquial language. Still there are some more, which we discussed in our club at one of our meetings.

  • IMHO is used very much in chats, and it means “in my humble opinion”.
  • MISAS means “make it short and simple”
  • KITA is not very nice and classed as very rude. It means “kick in the ass”.
  • SAE is mainly used in commercial English and means “stamped addressed envelope”.

If you know any more, why don´t you write a comment to let us know? Or join one of our meetings on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in Berlin-Kreuzberg. You can be assured to get a warm welcome by all of us.


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