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Bikers help mistreated kids

Posted on: 27. May 2010

BikershelpA 70 years old motorbike cyclist is going to round the borders of the European Union in a matter of 70 days: Peter Vollmers. As a foster parent of seriously mistreated children he stands for the interests of these unlucky kids. He has been a motorbike rider for 50 years now. It was his idea to stage this spectacular fund raising tour for mistreated kids.

It is a sad fact that in Germany alone, there are 200.000 kids a year who are victims to abuse and negligence, and this number comes up to millions all over the EU. In most of all cases, authorities and health insurances are refusing financial help to care for therapies and other measures which make life for those traumatised kids easier, at present and in future.

The tour will begin on June 19, 2010 in Berlin-Spandau with a big event which will take place from 10 to 15 0´clock. The tour will extend to the uncredible distance of 22.000 km. It is supported by both the German Federal Association of Motorcyclists (BVDM) and the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA). On his way along the EU borders, Vollmers will meet many bikers and their friends to promote the fund raising.

The organisation of the tour is provided by AktivVerbund Berlin e.V., an association of Berlin foster parents who stand for the interests of foster children. Direct donations, as well as the revenue from the sale of caps, shirts and stickers will go exclusively to the good of misused children and projects that support and care for them.

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