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Sugar, tea and coffee

Posted on: 9. February 2011

Yesterday, we talked among other things about our favourite drinks. Some like coffee, some like tea, but surely, English tea goes with sugar and milk. It is hard to find a decent cup of tea in Germany, as it mostly is a light brown fluid without the need of adding sugar or milk. For this reason, I have my tea brought from friends who visit Britain!

Talking about sugar, some think that it is not healthy. This certainly goes for bleached white sugar. But have you ever chewed a sugar cane from Africa or the Carribbean? Delicious! And it is not as unhealthy as you think.

This conversation gave me the opportunity to learn the English word for “Zuckerrübe”: It is “sugar beet”, the plant from which sugar is produced all over Germany.

Come and join us next time when we talk and learn about the world we live in.

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