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Last week cold and rainy – but today in Berlin: Sunshine, heat, best weather. The right atmosphere to really celebrate a FRIENDS meeting in the evening with a cold beer or whatever. So see you then!

In German, there is an idiom for remembering something by using a picture or sound. If you translate it literally into English, it would be “donkey´s bridge”, but this does not make any sense, of course. We have lately discussed the English word in a Berlin Friends Club meeting, and someone came up with something like “memory device”. At least this was what an electronic translator had to offer.

According to LEO, the English word would be “memory hook”, but “mnemonic rhyme” seems also a good alternative.

So, as an example let me cite a teacher´s saying in regard to English Grammar:

He, she, it without ‘s’ is shit!

The weather these days in Berlin is not very much summer-like! Few sun, many clouds, strong rain showers and thunderstorms… This makes it worth while  to gather together on Tuesday evenings to talk, make and meet friends. This goes also for those who are spending a few days or a holiday in Berlin. See you tonight and generally on Tuesdays, everybody will give you a warm, cordial welcome.

It does not exactly look like it today, but it is undisputable: summer is here! We have had many nice, warm to hot days here, although today it looks a bit dull. Still, Friends meet on Tuesdays to talk and have fun. So why don´t you have a nice footwalk or bike ride to Kochstr.? Everybody will welcome you and have a nice time.


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