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This is Ralph,and I am a member of FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL CONVERSATION GROUP. I like the club very much, as it is a great opportunity to keep up with the English language, practise, communicate, meet people of all nationalities and get information and help. Max and I founded the club many years ago on an non-partisan, non-commercial basis. Everybody is welcome. So why don´t you join us?

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hey Ralph,
i found the website really nice and simple. A friend of mine might like to join us next Tuesday. Could you mail me or post the address on the website please.
– junaid

Hi, junaid,
nice to find your comment here. You will find the address and description on the homepage. It´s Asia Snack, Kochstr., corner of Friedrichstr., M29 bus stop direction city center. I won´t be able to come on Tue, but Max will give your friend a warm welcome; as he always does.

Hope you will return to the blog now and then; you can get an rss-feed and add it as a dynamic bookmark to your browser. So you will get updated about new posts in real time.

I was trying to get this out to your group but could not find another way.

Please disburse

Do you think of yourself as an International?

Seeking participants in a qualitative study on international identity. The study is designed to get a better understanding of the experience of international identity development, the international lifestyle experience and mental health of those who identify as international. There are some brief surveys to be filled out online before the interview. These surveys should take about 45 minutes to an hour to fill out. The interview would last between 1 and 2 hours in-person or via video conferencing. For your time you will be given a $25 dollar gift card or equivalent in your local currency.

Schedule of International Interview Dates
Washington, D.C. – July 15 06:30-08:30
Kampala, Uganda – July 17-21
Cape Town, South Africa – July 22-27
Johannesburg, South Africa – July 28-August 2
Dubai, United Arab Emirates – August 3
Rotterdam, Netherlands – August 5 19:00
Paris, France – August 6-7
Berlin, Germany – August 8
London, Great Britain – August 10-11
New York, USA – August 12-13
Vancouver, BC – In December and January
Hong Kong, PRC – December 23– January 5
San Diego, USA – Ongoing

Online Scheduling
To schedule an online interview via Skype at your leisure email the researcher : Brandi Eijsermans, M.Ed.,

Questions About the Research
If you have any questions or concerns about the study please contact Brandi Eijsermans, M.Ed. at + 1 206-696-6912 or Marina Dorian, Ph.D., at +1 858-645-4630 during normal business hours PST.

Brandi Eijsermans, M.Ed.
Alliant International University
California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate
P (206) 696-6912

**Protection of Human Participants**
This study has received approval from the Institutional Review Board of the California Professional School of Psychology at Alliant International University. To ensure participants’ privacy and protection in this study, the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct proposed by the American Psychological Association (APA, 2002) and the guidelines of the CSPP at Alliant International University’s Institutional Review Board serve as the guidelines for conducting this study. IRB Approval #1980

I am very much interested to join this club.
I am a senior software engg stying in berlin.
I am from india.

Pls am new in Germany and I stay in Berlin. Pls I really would love to meet people and and get friendly with my surroundings. Pls if I may ask is it OK if I join ur club and what will it take me to become a member.

If you want to join us, just drop by on a Tuesday at 19:30 or later. Max and I and tthe others will give <ou a warm welcome.

Hello, i’m brasilian and i want to improve my english. I need to know news friends for this.

hi friends…i am a doctor from argentina. i am going to travel to berlin in a few weeks. If it is posible i will meet german people to exchange information about own culture, history.
I hope i can find people that want to improve a new lenguage

how can i be part of this club

Hallo, ich sehe, dass die letzten Einträge leider schon ein Jahr her sind. Gibt es diese Gruppe noch/ trefft Ihr Euch noch, wie beschrieben. Meine Tochter und ich würden gerne dazu stoßen. 🙂
VG, Susi

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