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Why I like Berlin Friends Club:

  • Friends meet regularly every Tuesday without fail
  • It is absolutely free of charge
  • There is no formal membership
  • You can drop by whenever you feel like talking to friends
  • The nations of the world are in reach for all participants
  • Everybody is highly rated and welcome, no matter which nationality
  • Participants can communicate freely without any preset agenda
  • If you need assistance, it can be provided
  • You are at the source of direct information about Berlin and Germany and how to get along in an unknown country and city

This all and the cordial, welcoming atmosphere makes BERLIN FRIENDS CLUB so special in comparison to other clubs in the city. Come and find out!


Last week cold and rainy – but today in Berlin: Sunshine, heat, best weather. The right atmosphere to really celebrate a FRIENDS meeting in the evening with a cold beer or whatever. So see you then!

The weather these days in Berlin is not very much summer-like! Few sun, many clouds, strong rain showers and thunderstorms… This makes it worth while  to gather together on Tuesday evenings to talk, make and meet friends. This goes also for those who are spending a few days or a holiday in Berlin. See you tonight and generally on Tuesdays, everybody will give you a warm, cordial welcome.

Berlin Friends Club would like to wish everyone a happy new year and lots of health, luck and success.

As in the past years, we will meet every Tuesday without fail to talk and exchange information in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Even on the last Tuesday of 2011, some members were meeting to have a good time. So make it a point to join us once a week; all nationalities welcome to meet German nationals to keep up with English usage and make contacts.

Best New Year wishes from Max and Ralph

Some people think that during the summer school holidays Brlin is a deserted city: All Berliners have gone south or abroad.

Not so! Berlin is full of visitors, mixing with those who stayed at home. A vivid city right in the middle of Germany and its capital!

Right in the center of this amazing city, Berlin Friends Club meets every Tuesday at 19.30 without fail to talk and joke, to pass on information and have a good time. So don´t worry, make it a point to join us. There is always someone there to give you a warm and cordial welcome.

It is one of these nice days: Sun pouring down from the sky and a slight south-west to east wind, cherry trees and flowers blooming. What a day to meet in the evening and celebrate the arrival of spring by meeting and making friends in a warm and welcoming atmosphere! Come and join uns tonight!

Berlin is drowning in snow!


Snow everywhere

But Berlin Friends meet, nevertheless on next Tuesday in a warm and friendly atmosphere to meet and make friends! So see you all on the 4th January at 7.30 pm! And have a good new year 2011!


It is autumn in Berlin, leaves on the trees are colourful, and fog is hanging in the sky. Temperature is down to one-digit centigrades and dusk is falling early. No doubt, winter is coming soon.

This is the right time to get together, make and meet friends and talk about life. This is exactly what every Tuesday, Berlin Friends do. So why don´t you join us and have a good time?

Even though it is holiday time in Berlin, FRIENDS are meeting in Berlin. If you have a day off, it is a good reason for meeting. And if you have to work or are busy during the day, meeting with FRIENDS is a good chance to chill and talk. So why don´t you make it a point and join us tonight or next Tue? All of us will give you a warm and cordial welcome.

See you then!

It is winter in Berlin, and snow on the streets. Temperature is much warmer than yesterday, about -1°C. Christmas shopping should be done, and instead hanging around in some shopping mall, it is much more exciting to join us tomorrow for another meeting of Berlin Friends club, where people from all over the world meet and make friends in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Hope to see you all tomorow!


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