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Why I like Berlin Friends Club:

  • Friends meet regularly every Tuesday without fail
  • It is absolutely free of charge
  • There is no formal membership
  • You can drop by whenever you feel like talking to friends
  • The nations of the world are in reach for all participants
  • Everybody is highly rated and welcome, no matter which nationality
  • Participants can communicate freely without any preset agenda
  • If you need assistance, it can be provided
  • You are at the source of direct information about Berlin and Germany and how to get along in an unknown country and city

This all and the cordial, welcoming atmosphere makes BERLIN FRIENDS CLUB so special in comparison to other clubs in the city. Come and find out!


It does not exactly look like it today, but it is undisputable: summer is here! We have had many nice, warm to hot days here, although today it looks a bit dull. Still, Friends meet on Tuesdays to talk and have fun. So why don´t you have a nice footwalk or bike ride to Kochstr.? Everybody will welcome you and have a nice time.

Today is the start of the summer holidays in Berlin with school children getting their reports. The city will be empty, thousands of cars will be leaving the city, but lots of tourists will be flocking into the city. Things will be going more smoothly for six weeks, and everybody will be more relaxed.

What a good reason to join FRIENDS Club on Tuesdays and have a good time talking and joking! FRIENDS will meet even during the holidays without fail, and there will always be someone there to meet.

So why don´t you try and make it a point to join us on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. Hope to see you there!


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