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At our last meeting we discussed that languages are illogical. So English words seem to have a much different spelling for how they are pronounced. The f-sound in “rough” is the same as in “photo” and “fish“, but spelled totally different. And why is it “mice” and not “mouses”? Why is “aircraft” the same, no matter if it is one or more than one?

But is the German language much better? It is said that there, words are spoken as they are written. But what about “Ei“, the egg? Why do you pronounce it “ai” and not “ei“? And why do we have three genders, der, die and das? Why is the girl, “Mädchen“, neutral? Why is the bus male? Nobody will ever understand.

In English, there is a word “postpone” if you put a meeting on a later date. In Indian English, there is also a word “prepone“, a word that does not exist in other varieties of English. Which brought us to the German word “verfrüht“. You cannot use it in a context like “ich habe mich verfrüht”, meaning that I have arrived early. But there is the word “verfrüht” like “Es ist verfrüht, eine Entscheidung zu treffen”, meaning that it would be too early to decide on something.

English for Germans is difficult to learn because there are so many meanings to one word. But German is difficult for English to learn because there are so many rules.

If you would like to learn something about the oddities of languages, why don´nt you join our meetings on Tuesdays? There´s always something to talk about.

Christmas decorations are up, Berlin is illuminated, Christmas trees everywhere – time for having a party – the legendary Berlin Friends Club Christmas Party!

On December, 5, 2009 at 13:30, we will meet at

“Arman” Indian Restaurant, Mehringdamm 45, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg

This restaurant is located at the crossing of Mehringdamm and Gneisenaustr., and parking is unlimited and free.

We will enjoy a Buffet Lunch for € 5,90, which is very reasonable. Drinks are not included.

You are cordially invited to join us, and to bring your husband/wife, partner, son, daughter, brother, sister, friends and neighbours. Please confirm your reservation beforehand by e-mail to , stating the number of persons you are going to bring along.

See you at this big event on Saturday!

Last Tuesday, we were a bit slow starting, but finally with about 15 of us from different countries. And here´s something you can learn from your FRIENDS: Did you know there are 145 languages in India? And I mean languages, not dialects or accents. Every language has its own language system. All kids learn Hindi and English at school to communicate.

Want more of that or make and meet friends? Join us next Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.!

What the hell is that? It´s from Hindi, spoken in India. And we discussed it at our ast meeting, so it is the word of the day!

You can see Dabbawalas only in Bombay. The main problem is that people going to work don´t want to carry their lunch boxes. So their wives get the lunch boxes ready, they are collected by Dabbawalas, who are lunch box carriers. The lunch boxes are marked by colours so that they cannot be mixed up and reach their destination. It is a huge organisation, but it works without using one single letter.

The only problem we could not solve is the question why somebody would need a service to carry lunch boxes instead of taking them along with oneself…

So you see if you join us you don´t only meet the world, you also learn about customs all over the world. You don´t want to miss out on that, do you.


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