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Some people think that during the summer school holidays Brlin is a deserted city: All Berliners have gone south or abroad.

Not so! Berlin is full of visitors, mixing with those who stayed at home. A vivid city right in the middle of Germany and its capital!

Right in the center of this amazing city, Berlin Friends Club meets every Tuesday at 19.30 without fail to talk and joke, to pass on information and have a good time. So don´t worry, make it a point to join us. There is always someone there to give you a warm and cordial welcome.

What the hell is that? It´s from Hindi, spoken in India. And we discussed it at our ast meeting, so it is the word of the day!

You can see Dabbawalas only in Bombay. The main problem is that people going to work don´t want to carry their lunch boxes. So their wives get the lunch boxes ready, they are collected by Dabbawalas, who are lunch box carriers. The lunch boxes are marked by colours so that they cannot be mixed up and reach their destination. It is a huge organisation, but it works without using one single letter.

The only problem we could not solve is the question why somebody would need a service to carry lunch boxes instead of taking them along with oneself…

So you see if you join us you don´t only meet the world, you also learn about customs all over the world. You don´t want to miss out on that, do you.

Friends International Conversation Group is a place to meet and make friends internationally in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We meet every Tuesday without fail at 19:30 at Tajsu Restaurant, 28, Rudi-Dutschke-Str. just across U-Bahn station and side-to-side of Checkpoint Charlie Museum. Max, Ralph and the others will give you a cordial welcome.

Our club is non-commercial and non-partisan. There is no entrance or membership fee and no membership application. You just drop in and have a good time. No programme schedule, no chairman. There is only one objective: People making contacts, talking, exchanging information, helping each other out and accepting each other.

For more information, contact Max at or Ralph at


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