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Berlin Friends Club is now meeting at Tolerance Café in Friedrichstr. 211, just across the entrance to Kochstr. U-Bahn station, just around the corner of our old location.

Hope to see you there!

Last week cold and rainy – but today in Berlin: Sunshine, heat, best weather. The right atmosphere to really celebrate a FRIENDS meeting in the evening with a cold beer or whatever. So see you then!

In German, there is an idiom for remembering something by using a picture or sound. If you translate it literally into English, it would be “donkey´s bridge”, but this does not make any sense, of course. We have lately discussed the English word in a Berlin Friends Club meeting, and someone came up with something like “memory device”. At least this was what an electronic translator had to offer.

According to LEO, the English word would be “memory hook”, but “mnemonic rhyme” seems also a good alternative.

So, as an example let me cite a teacher´s saying in regard to English Grammar:

He, she, it without ‘s’ is shit!

It does not exactly look like it today, but it is undisputable: summer is here! We have had many nice, warm to hot days here, although today it looks a bit dull. Still, Friends meet on Tuesdays to talk and have fun. So why don´t you have a nice footwalk or bike ride to Kochstr.? Everybody will welcome you and have a nice time.

Berlin Friends Club would like to wish everyone a happy new year and lots of health, luck and success.

As in the past years, we will meet every Tuesday without fail to talk and exchange information in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Even on the last Tuesday of 2011, some members were meeting to have a good time. So make it a point to join us once a week; all nationalities welcome to meet German nationals to keep up with English usage and make contacts.

Best New Year wishes from Max and Ralph

At our last meeting we discussed that languages are illogical. So English words seem to have a much different spelling for how they are pronounced. The f-sound in “rough” is the same as in “photo” and “fish“, but spelled totally different. And why is it “mice” and not “mouses”? Why is “aircraft” the same, no matter if it is one or more than one?

But is the German language much better? It is said that there, words are spoken as they are written. But what about “Ei“, the egg? Why do you pronounce it “ai” and not “ei“? And why do we have three genders, der, die and das? Why is the girl, “Mädchen“, neutral? Why is the bus male? Nobody will ever understand.

In English, there is a word “postpone” if you put a meeting on a later date. In Indian English, there is also a word “prepone“, a word that does not exist in other varieties of English. Which brought us to the German word “verfrüht“. You cannot use it in a context like “ich habe mich verfrüht”, meaning that I have arrived early. But there is the word “verfrüht” like “Es ist verfrüht, eine Entscheidung zu treffen”, meaning that it would be too early to decide on something.

English for Germans is difficult to learn because there are so many meanings to one word. But German is difficult for English to learn because there are so many rules.

If you would like to learn something about the oddities of languages, why don´nt you join our meetings on Tuesdays? There´s always something to talk about.

Even when being on holiday, members sometimes keep  contact to Berlin Friends Club. We while we were meeting in dull and rainy Berlin. This one is so extraordinary that everyone should have a look at it.

Some people think that during the summer school holidays Brlin is a deserted city: All Berliners have gone south or abroad.

Not so! Berlin is full of visitors, mixing with those who stayed at home. A vivid city right in the middle of Germany and its capital!

Right in the center of this amazing city, Berlin Friends Club meets every Tuesday at 19.30 without fail to talk and joke, to pass on information and have a good time. So don´t worry, make it a point to join us. There is always someone there to give you a warm and cordial welcome.

This is a gorgeous summer´s day, a light wind and the sun is pouring down. A good chance for all expats, English-speaking Germans and Friends to meet tonight and talk about what we think is worth talking about. So why don´t you make an effort, as well and join us tonight at Asia Snack in Kochstr. in Berlin-Kreuzberg? See you then!

During our last meeting we came across some words wwere not quite sure about. Here is the solution.

– Amazing but the English word for the German “Schwermetall” is really “heavy metal”.

– We didn´t find a suitable word for German “krass” in the sense of “amazing”, but this was a bit too ordinary. What I found out from is “far out”, and I think it suits best the colloquial meaning of the German word.

– The German word “Kitsch” is that unique that it is used in English, as well: “kitsch” and the adverb “kitschy”.

– You would exercise your climbing skills in the German “Hochseilgarten”. This is a “high rope course”, according to, but leo does not give a meaning.

– “Räumliches Vorstellungsvermögen” in English would be “spacial sense”, according to LEO.

So you can see that there is always something to learn and talk about in Berlin Friends Club. Why don´t you join us on Tuesdays?


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