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Berlin Friends Club will be present again for the second time at ExpoLingua in Berlin on 18/19 November this year. A good chance to meet members and have a conversation as we do at our meetings on Tuesdays in  Kori&Fay restaurant. Have an impression by visiting the official website where you can order free tickets.

Our Club will be at the ExpoLingua exposition in Berlin. Come and see us and have an impression of what we do!

Our Christmas Party 2014: More than 70 members from more than a dozen nations peacefully celebrating with Christmas songs and Indian food


Welcome poster

Welcome poster


Our restaurant

Our restaurant


The buffet

The buffet


Sergio and Margaux


Max, noting down the participants


Ralph making a speech

Ralph making a speech

Uwe making a speech

Uwe making a speech


The singing group

The singing group

Uwe and the singing group

Uwe and the singing group

When you join our meetings you will be amazed: You can meet the world in a Kreuzberg restaurant! These are the nationalities who meet on Tuesdays: US, British, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Georgian, Polish, Syrian, Russian, French, Japanese, Korean, and all of those I have forgotten to mention, and, of course, German, all peacefully united to talk and make friends. So why don´t you join us next Tuesday?

Hello, everybody,

this is the next summary of German conversation. We will learn about birthdays.

der Geburtstag – birthday

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! – Many happy returns

die Geburtstagsfeier – the birthday party

der Geburtstagsgruß – birthday greeting

der Geburtstagstisch – birthday table for displaying your presents

der Geburtstagskuchen – birthday cake

das Geburtstagskind – the person (not only children!) who has a birthday

Promising that you can do something

Das schaffe ich – I can do that, I will manage

Das klappt (nicht) –  I can/can´t manage

Ich schieben,schubsen,bekomme das hin / gebacken (colloquial)

Schieben vs. schubsen

schieben – push

=> Mein Fahrrad ist kaputt, ich muss es schieben

schubsen – push

=> Schubs mich nicht! – Don´t push me

Verbs with prepositions, indivisible:

überreichen: Ich freue mich, Ihnen die Urkunde zu überreichen

Wiederholen: Er wiederholt die Vokabeln

überholen: Das Auto überholt den Lastwagen.

Zum Vergleich: Er geht jetzt weg (Nicht: Er jetzt weggeht) (leave)

Oder: Zieh dir den Pullover über (überziehen) (put on)

Aber: Er überzieht sein Konto – He has overdrawn his account

Wir bereiten das Mittag vor (prepare)

Attention: Indivisible verbs have an own meaning, the preposition has no meaning in itself.

Formal and informal language,

Literarisch: language you only find in books, but not in spoken language

Hochdeutsch: language as spoken in the region of Hannover and on tv and radio

Umgangssprache: colloquial language

Keep on learning and repeating! Lots of success!

This is another summary of what we have discussed during one of our meetings:

Getränke – drinks

Weizenbier/Weißbier – wheat beer

Saft – juice

Schorle – any juice or wine mixed with water

verdünnen – dilute

ablöschen – deglaze (put water or spirit on a boiling meal)

auflösen – dissolve

aufgeregt – excited => sich aufgegen – get excited

sprechen, reden – speak

eine Rede halten – jold a speech

sich unterhalten – talk to each other

wir haben uns darüber schon unterhalten – We´ve already talked about that

anstehen/sich anstellen – queue up

sich vordrängeln – jump the queue, push to the front

Hinz und Kunz – jeder

Da war Hinz und Kunz da – all sorts of people were there

Ein Ei abschrecken – chill an egg


Ein Ei pellen => die Pelle – eggschell

Einen Apfel/eine Kartoffel schälen => die Schale – skin

Die Haut auf der heißen Milch – the skin on hot milk

jemandem auf die Pelle rücken – (popular) to get to close to sb.

=> Rück mir nicht so auf die Pelle

Schaum – foam

Er schäumt vor Wut – he is furious with anger

There you are! Keep learning and see you again!

At our last meeting, we had members from all corners of the world: US, Britain, France, Ukraine, South Korea, South Africa, Georgia and Germany. All of us love to get information about foraign countries, their culture, their history and their current situation.

So I learned a lot about Georgia, a lot of facts I did not learn about. Georgia is situated at the Black Sea, south of Russia. It has a great history, starting long before the history of most European states. It has a language and writing of its own which is far different from any other languages and writing. In some cases, when we have to form a sentence, in Georgian language its contents can be skimmed into one word. The letters are totally different from what Latin or Kyrillic letters look like.

While the Soviet Union existed, Georgia was a part of this empire, but regained its independency after the Soviet Union fell apart. Still, Russia is trying to keep its influence, by military and economic means, e.g. by cutting off gas supplies.

If you are as keen on learning more about different nations and conversing in English as I am, why don´t you join us on Tuesdays at Thai Su restaurant in Berlin-Kreuzberg? Everybody will give you a warm welcome.


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